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September 21, 2017

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October 07, 2017

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October 21, 2017


Hand to Hand Globally to Save our Planet

Environment protection, saving our planet, Draught, water crisis and long degradation time periods for polymers where plastics products (specially disposables) are one of the main sources of the earth pollutions (insisting on open sea and oceans), are paradoxical problems in conjunction with the requirements of the consumer needs, including; Transportation Industry (Airlines, Shipping lines, Passenger Carrier trains and so on) to disposables. This raises a big question: Should the humankind forget about her needs and forget all investments and innovations on disposable production (globally)? Not possible.

Thinking to finding diversified solutions, hand to hand internationally, could be a valuable target, at least as far as the management board and members of the “Association of Iranian Producers Of Disposables” (AIPOD) believe and in this respect, since 3 years ago have been trying to organize the “BDP Iran” Conference.

The goals, targets and objections of the Conference has a long list of wishes, because, this is the first of its kind’s gathering in Iran; A country with huge oil and gas reservoirs, which is also a producer of millions of tons of polymers. Iran has very long borders to the open sea and further to the oceans, with enough population to throw disposables everywhere! Though, the latter is an internationally known {bad} habit and can’t stick –only- to Iran, but, finding a solution sounds for an international cooperation.

“AIPOD” feels the responsibility to call for the global cooperation for: Renovation of processing machinery, Introduction of new materials and solutions, Make the global processing machine industries, materials and additives aware of the Iranian market and the existing business opportunities and increasing the local knowledge and awareness which will end to successful businesses.

Lack of knowledge in many other countries about the facts over Iranian disposable production industry; The exact requirements; The common knowledge and the ways that this industry could follow the world’s obligation to save our plant, requires face to face meetings and arrangement of B2B opportunities. These and many others are the “AIPOD” aims for this Conference, where after the 1st edition, we can make our goals narrower.

The Conference organizers wish to call and invite all global companies that have exported anything for this industry to Iran, and even those who have not but think about the present opportunities, to participate, cooperate and feel responsibility for putting our “Hands to hands to keep our planet save”


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